General Fees & Charges
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General Fees & Charges

Must be 15 years or older to attend. Payments must be paid in full before attending and must be cash/money order/cashierís check.

Driving lesson cancellation without prior notice $25
Using a SODS vehicle for a road test up to 2 hours $140
Pick up / Drop off outside of Ardmore (10 mi radius) $30

Driverís Ed. Fees & Charges

10 hours in classroom and 6 hours driving time

Standard Driverís Ed. (16 weeks)

(5 students minimum per class)

Duplicate Certificates $20
Make up classroom time per hour $60

Cancellation after enrolling a class


Expedited/ Private Driving Lesson Fees

Driving Lesson per hour. $70

Expedited / Private Driverís Ed. (4 weeks)



Defensive Driving Class

6 Hours in Classroom $50

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